AV Productions - Harper.At Anthrovision Productions we desire to uncover the conventional in the exotic and the exotic in the conventional. We endeavour to unravel complex, cross-border, interconnected global and local successes, conflicts, traditions, believes and other developments. By looking through the so called ‘anthropological looking-glass’, we explore customs, traditions and beliefs to illustrate that in human life the unusual can be found in the usual and the other way around.

We make use of multiple approaches to report (in English, Dutch and Spanish) on the ever changing world and its resourceful and resilient inhabitants. Through participatory and qualitative research tools (including participatory action research, participatory video, theatre and photography, and intergenerational trios) we aim to uncover the multi-layered complexity of human life. We provide capacity building sessions and training (including on photography, investigative journalism, participatory / qualitative research skills, writing, interviewing etc.)

Together with local journalists, researchers and other stakeholders we produce cross-platform multimedia communication products including images, (documentary) videos and digital products (including digital strategies, blogs, web-articles, tweets and infographics). We amplify our voice and present our findings by making use of investigative / data / photo / print / radio journalism and the organisation of events and meeting series.

Ingrid Gercama (founder & director) has worked on the intersection of media, communication and international development since 2013 (in Liberia / the UK / Sierra Leone / Gaza (remotely)). Prior to working in the International Development sector, Ingrid worked for a publishing company in the Netherlands, did some documentary production work and lived in Guatemala where she did research on digital media and sexual and reproductive rights with adolescents. Ingrid’s background in Anthropology and non-Western sociology (University of Amsterdam) and never ending curiosity help her do boundary crossing research on issues that matter.

Please contact us at anthrovisionproductions@gmail.com